Enjoy an "On the Go" manicure and an "On the Go" pedicure followed by a 30 minute massage. A Perfect package for those on the go...



       77.60                                      2.5 hrs

Enjoy a Classic pedicure, a 60 minute massage and hairstyle.



       100.00                                      2.5 hrs

Itty Bitty Binge

      (Great for Men)

Covers all the basics, enjoy a Spa Pedicure, Classic Manicure followed by a relaxing 60 minute full body Massage.



       120.00                                         3 hrs

Girl's Night Out

Pamper your body starting off with a body exfoliation and a Seaweed Body Wrap & top it off with a 60 minute relaxing Massage



        144.00                                           2.5 hrs

The Tranquility

Body Binge

Indulge during this special time with a Classic Pedicure & a soothing Spa Facial and finish up with a 60 minute pre-natal Massage



       129.50                                            2.5 hrs

Last chance to relax... start with a Classic Manicure & a Classic Pedicure and finish up with a 60 minute full body pregnancy Massage



       177.60                                                4hrs.

Mom 2 Be

From head to toe... start off with a Scalp Treatment & Scalp Massage, a Spa Facial, Spa Pedicure and a Spa Manicure. Followed by a professional Make-up application & hairstyle.



       206.00                                                     5 hrs.


Indulge yourself with our Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure along wit our Spa Facial featuring our line of BioElements



       137.60                                           2.5 hrs

Take the day off to pamper yourself with a Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure then relax while having a Spa Facial. Finish your day off with a luxurious Seaweed Body Wrap and then a 60 minute Full Body Massage



       294.40                                                  6 hrs.

Total Indulgence

                        Great for Teens...

Start off with a Facial suited just for your skin, a Classic Manicure & Classic Pedicure and a Make-up application.



       153.60                                                2.5 hrs


No Guilt Pleasure Pack

A relaxing Spa Facial to start, followed by a Classic Pedicure and a Make-up application & Hairstyle



       140.00                                                          2.5 hrs

This package contains a Classic Pedicure & Classic Manicure a Spa Facial, and a luxurious Body Wrap followed by a full body Massage that lasts 60 minutes.



       281.60                                                           5 hrs


   Best Friends Forever

The Beyond Employee

The Perfect Present

The Total Binge

Create your own...


You can create your own package, select 3 or more service items and we will be happy to quote you a price. ( Treatments must all be redeemed on the same day)

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